MEGA International Patent & Law Firm values a committed relationship between people. We believe that intellectual property (IP) services result from such relationships with people. We work to provide prompt and precise IP services by not only establishing a trusting relationship with all of our clients, but also by fostering confidence and smooth communication among the members of MEGA.

MEGA International Patent & Law Firm values the trust of our clients. We endeavor to become trusted advisers to our clients, and we will spare no effort to maintain the high confidence we have earned from our clients. With the esprit of “易地思之 (yeokjisaji)”, we will continue to stand in our clients’ shoes and provide the best-in-class IP services to your satisfaction.

“易地思之 (yeokjisaji)” is an old Korean idiom, which means “stepping into other people’s shoes”.

MEGA International Patent & Law Firm strives to become a global patent firm. We believe there are no borders in provision of IP services. With extensive international experiences and diverse language skills, our talented team offers clients strategic advice on managing their valuable intellectual properties and developing their global businesses.

As members of
MEGA International Patent & Law Firm,
we will all continue to work towards becoming your true IP partner firm.